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2017 Nominations are due by April 1, 2017

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The Forest Landowners Association Awards Program recognizes outstanding landowners and forestry professionals contributing to the stewardship and sustainability of private forests – and protecting the rights of the families who own them. FLA is counting on you to nominate outstanding landowners for our three highest honors.

Think of private forest landowners who set an example in the landowner community and nominate your peers for the recognition they deserve. Award honorees are recognized each year at the National Forest Landowners Conference.

The Forest Landowner of the Year Award 

Honors an individual landowner with forestry expertise, a deep commitment to landownership and/or forestry, and who is involved in advocacy for forest landowner concerns.


  • Member of Forest Landowners Association (FLA)
  • Minimum land ownership time of 10 years
  • Outreach or promotion of landownership and/or forestry
  • Use of professional forestry advice and/or forestry expertise
  • Involved in advocacy of forest landowner concerns


The Extension Forester of the Year Award

Recognizes an extension forester who has been in practice at least 5 years and is dedicated to the advancement of forest landowner education and outreach, focusing on private landowners.


  • Dedication to landowner education
  • Minimum time in practice of 5 years
  • Presents or publishes educational material geared toward private landowners
  • Interacts with private landowners individually or in groups
  • Not required to be an FLA member
The Young Forest Landowner of the Year Award

Honors an individual under the age of 50 who is a landowner or someone who works in a family business with land, and is actively involved in the management of forestland and in his/her local forestry community.


  • Under age 50
  • FLA member
  • Recipient may either own land himself/herself or work in a family business with land, but must be actively involved in the management of the forestland.
  • Active in local and/or state associations
Consulting Forester of the Year Award


Past Award Recipients:

Forest Landowner

of The Year

Young Forest Landowner

of the Year

Extension Forester

of the Year

Consulting Forester

of the Year

2016  Johney Haralson
2015  Patrice O'Brien
2014  Wesley Langdale
2013  Robert Crosby
2012  Rose Lane White Leavell
2011  Walter A. McPhail
2010  Ed Leigh McMillan II
2009  Joy Hodges
2008 Jane Hearn
2007  Mary Keating
2006  Don East
2005  Tom Thomson
2004  Dr. Jean Renner Short
2003  Guy Troy
2002  Blake Sullivan


2016 J. Hudson Hines
2014  Frank Beidler
2013  Cinda Jones
2012  David Hall
2011  Allen Hodges
2010  Tom McMillan
2009  Derek Dougherty
2007  J.Christian Hendricks
2006  Neill Kirkland
2005  Guy Vise III

2016  Steve McKeand
2015  Ricky Kilpatrick
2014  Tamara Cushing
2013  Paul T. Oester
2012  Don Bales
2011  Michael C. Bondi
2010  Stephen Dicke
2009  Craig McKinley
2008  Dr. Wayne Clatterbuck
2007  Tim Traugott
2006  Debbie Gaddis
2005  Bill Hubbard
2004  Jonathan Kays
2003  Robert Shaffer
2002  Jeff Stringer

 2016 Frank Brooks



Nomination Form

Written Statement

Please include a written statement of the nominee’s accomplishments, projects, publications, and any other pertinent information addressing the desired qualities listed above.

You may include your written statement by either attaching a document to this form using the upload button or you may write your statement in the text box. 

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